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1MD OsteoMD™ Review

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Complete Bone Health Support
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Review Summary of OsteoMD

Bone health is critical to your overall well-being. Whether through bone mass lost through normal aging or a diagnosis of osteoporosis, you put yourself at greater risk of fractures, falls, lost mobility and worse. It's important, therefore that you care for your bones through a regimine of diet, supplementation and activity.

Key to your choice of supplements is to ensure you have a potent blend of natural vitamins and minerals that are highly bioavailable. In this way your skeleton absorbs more of the ingredients required for bone strength.

OsteoMD from 1MD is developed to provide comprehensive bone support to help:

  • Relieve bone and muscle discomfort
  • Improve bone density
  • Improve bone mineralization
  • Reduce or slow natural bone loss through aging

Beyond the fact that many people are happy with their results, I especially like the fact that it's easy to swallow and has virtually no side effects.

As with any supplement, individual results do vary. But I'm particularly impressed with the number of clinical trials that show results and improvement within a month or two. Similarly, customer reviews for OsteoMD are very positive.

"To help build and maintain strong, healthy bones and promote skeletal strength"

Doctor Recommended

Dr. Adam Kreitenberg is a board-certified rheumatologist who embraces a holistic approach to treating severe bone and joint conditions. He has found the four highly bioavailable nutrients in OsteoMD to offer maximum calcium absorption and bone mineralization and, in turn, support clinical strength bone health. He calls 1MD's OsteoMD "the best bone health supplement on the market."

OsteoMD Ingredients List

There are 4 active ingredients in Osteo MD. There is some scientific evidence that these ingredients can help improve bone health. This supplement includes:

Calzbone (Cissus quadrangularis)

Cissus quadrangularis is a plant that is indigenous to tropical Asia, Arabia and Africa. It is characterized as a grape plant with several common names including the veldt grape. It has been used since antiquity in Ayurvedic classical medicines for the treatment of bone and joint disorders. Its active ingredients include carotenoids, triterpenoids, and ascorbic acid.

Several studies have supported the use of C. quadrangularis extracts for the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. Tasadduq and team1 showed that it helped stimulate osteogenesis in a rat model. Parvathi et al2 used C. quadrangularis-impregnated nanofibers to stimulate bone growth. And researchers led by Guerra3 showed that administration of C. quandrangularis reduced the progression to osteoporosis-induced bone loss in rats.

In a human trial, Nash et al4 showed that administering C. quandrangularis helped with weight loss in obese individuals. In athletes, Bloomer et al5 found that C. quandrangularis resulted in a reduction in joint stiffness in trained men.

MenaQ7 (Vitamin K2 as MK-7)

Vitamin K2 is an essential vitamin produced by bacterial fermentation. It is important in promoting bone mineralization and is one of several Vitamin K derivatives involved in the clotting cascade. Rønn et al6 showed that Vitamin K2 administration helped maintain trabecular bone in the presence of osteoporosis.

A study by Zhang et al7 in elderly Chinese patients showed that Vitamin K2 helped prevent the progression of osteopenia and osteoporosis in women but not in men. And a team led by Boulier8 showed that Vitamin K helped reduce bone loss after removal of ovaries in a rat model.

The role of Vitamin K2 administration in athletes is not yet clear. A study by Craciun9 showed that Vitamin K2 supplementation was associated with a 25%-30% increase in serum markers of bone repair. This was particularly prominent in younger female athletes.

In addition to preventing osteoporosis, Vitamin K2 has a role in reducing calcifications in the body. Vitamin K2 activates enzymes that remove calcium deposits from arteries, reducing atherosclerosis. A study by Geleijnse16 in 2004 found that higher blood levels of menaquinone had lower cardiovascular disease rates and lower all-cause mortality. Five years later, Beulens17 and team found similar benefits from Vitamin K2 but not Vitamin K1. In 2017, Mansour18 and team demonstrated that higher Vitamin K2 levels predicted lower arterial stiffness, a condition associated with both atherosclerosis and high blood pressure.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is also known as cholecalciferol and is made in the skin after exposure to sunlight. Humans who live nearer to the equator have more sunlight exposure and synthesize more Vitamin D3. Vitamin D deficiency is relatively common in northern climates.

Vitamin D3 is required in the synthesis of bone. Oral supplementation of Vitamin D3 is important for those with inadequate sun exposure. In patients with Vitamin D deficiency, osteoporosis develops along with elevated calcium levels.

Most people in the US do not take in adequate amounts of Vitamin D3. Recent reviews by Larson-Meyer10 and Powers11 emphasized the importance of Vitamin D intake in athletes in order to avoid and recover from injuries from competitions or training. In a meta-analysis of the literature, Cannell et al12 showed that Vitamin D supplementation is important to athletes for repair, while a similar report by Abrams13 showed that higher serum levels of vitamin D are associated with reduced injury rates, improved sports performance, muscle strength, injury prevention, and sports performance.

Calcium Hydroxyapatite

Hydroxyapatite is a building block required for the repair of bone. It is used in surgery as a paste to help create a scaffolding for osteogenesis. Benefits of oral administration of hydroxyapatite are not clear, as documented by Straub14. More often, calcium hydroxyapatite is given as a method for delivering calcium to the patient. In an animal model reported by Aikawa15, calcium supplementation was shown to help strengthen bones in exercising females.

Other Ingredients

In addition to active ingredients, OsteoMD contains:

  • Vegetable Cellulose Capsule
  • Rice Flour as a filler that helps increase shelf life
  • Vegetable Oil Powder, which is often used as a natural lubricant in capsules and tablets
  • Silica (as silicon dioxide) is a trace mineral in bones that works with Vitamin D3 and calcium to promote bone strength

Does OsteoMD Have Any Allergens?

Osteo MD is made in the USA and is:

  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-Free
  • Soy-Free
  • Sugar-Free
  • Shellfish-Free
  • Dairy-Free
  • And Preservative-Free

What Is the Starting Dosage?

1MD recommends adults take one (1) OsteoMD capsule twice a day, with a meal or as recommended by your healthcare professional. You should NOT use OsteoMD if you are pregnant, nursing or attempting to become pregnant. And if you have a pre-existing condition and/or are taking medications, discuss OsteoMD with your physician before starting.

Ideally, I think it's best to take vitamins on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning. Between meals is great as well, which can increase the absoption of the supplement. But, sometimes this can make me feel queezy or upset my stomach a bit, so then I'll take something like OsteoMD on an empty stomach.

Does 1MD Offer a Money Back Guarantee on OsteoMD?

Yes, 1MD offers a particularly strong customer guarantee. You are protected by a 100% money-back, 90-day guarantee (minus the cost of return shipping).

1MD does stipulate, however, that you must call customer service at 888-393-4030 before you return any used or unused product. Customer service will give you a Return Authorization Number, which you must include in order for 1MD to process your refund. You can expect 1MD to process your refund in 2 to 3 weeks.

Are There Any Product Complaints or Scams with OsteoMD?

Although I can find nothing particularly serious or alarming regarding Osteo MD no product is right for every individual or condition. The reviews, reports and comments I have found are very positive. You still need to determine for yourself if OsteoMD is the right supplement for you as results vary.

I recommend that prior to buying this or any supplement you 1) do your own research and 2) only purchase from a reputable retailer or directly from the manufacturer.

If you have any serious complaints about the product, 1MD allows you to receive a full refund within 90 days of buying Osteo MD.

Does Osteo MD Have Side Effects?

OsteoMD is an all-natural supplement with no known side effects. That said, however, you should always talk with your healthcare professional prior to taking this or any dietary supplement. This is especially important if you have an existing medical condition or are taking medication (prescription or over-the-counter) or other supplement(s) as there is always a possibility that the combination could cause side effects.

Is 1MD a Reputable Company with Good Customer Support?

From all my experience with 1MD as well as the strength of the guarantee, customer reviews, and the ease of contacting customer service, I can report that 1MD appears both reputable and seems to offer customers superior support.

One point worth bringing to your attention is that there are other bone health supplements on the market with names the same or similar to OsteoMD. So if you're looking for this specific formula, you should verify that you are ordering 1MD Osteo MD.


Vitamin K2, Vitamin D3, and calcium have long been used to promote bone strength and reduce soreness associated with exercise. The unique ingredient in this product is the extract of Cissus quadrangularis, the veldt grape. This ancient remedy has been used for bone healing and pain by health care practitioners, with an excellent safety profile. There is objective science to back its use.

Where You Can Purchase OsteoMD

The safest place to buy 1MD OsteoMD is directly from the manufacturer. Not only do you have access to special offers and discounts on buying multiple bottles, but you can be more assured that you are getting the authentic product--fresh and unopened.

Review Rating:

Best for: Complete Bone Health Support

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No Risk – 90 day money back guarantee

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