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Review of GutConnect 365 from United Naturals

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Review Summary of GutConnect 365

While our primary focus is on probiotic supplements, occasionally a product comes along that we simply cannot ignore. GutConnect 365 contains nine superfoods, formulated to help restore the epithelial tissue and restore the gut.

The inspiration for GutConnect 365 comes from Vincent Pedre, MD, a board-certified clinician and Chief Wellness Officer at United Naturals. Given his holistic appraoch to medicine--combining the best of Eastern and Western medicine in his practice--it's not surprising that Dr. Pedre should focus on gut health.

As Hippocrates said, "All disease begins in the gut." And increasingly, healthcare practicioners are focusing on digestive health a means for resolving many conditions--from inflammation and joint pain to IBS and auto-immune diseases.

Dr. Pedre formulated Gut Connect 365 to repair leaky gut. In many ways it complements Synbiotic 365, which helps balance gut flora and maintain a healthy GI tract.

Is Leaky Gut Real?

To some degree, the jury is still out. Some argue that leaky gut--which is a popular name for intestinal permeability--is a syndrome, not recognized as a medical condition. That said, many doctors and researchers increasingly believe that leaky gut can allow toxins, waste matter and undigested fats and proteins to pass out of the intestines and directly into the blood--increasing the risk of inflammation, joint pain, problems in the GI tract and more.A

GutConnect 365 Ingredients List

GutConnect 365 ingredients label


In its natural form, the amino acid glutamine makes up more than 60% of skeletal muscle and plays an important role transporting nitrogen and carbon to the cells. While the body generally can synthesize enough glutamine on its own, under conditions of metabolic stress, L-glutamine supplementation may help restore glycogen and rebuild muscle.B This may be especially helpful for maintaining muscle mass with age.C

Of greater significance in this supplement is L-glutamine's role in helping to restore the intestine's epithelial lining--also known as leaky gut repair.D,E During prolonged illness, glutamine is critical to boosting overall immunity, which may deprive intestinal wall of an adequate supply of glutamine. Supplementation may be necessary.F

Quercetin Dihyrate

Quercetins--antioxidant and plant flavonols found in grapes, apples, garlic, ginger and many other fruits and vegetables--are the subject of numerous clinical studies and often used as theraputics in the treatment of cholesterol, poor circulation and heart disease.

One study looked at the protective role of quercetin and its ability to clear out the free radicals responsible for oxidative stress and damage to proteins.G Similarly, quercetin may be valuable in protecting proteins in the intestines.

Quercetin dihyrate has antioxidant and antibacterial properties and seems to have the best bioavailability of all the quercetins. Furthermore, as a natural anti-inflammatory, it may be beneficial in addressing leaky gut by reducing the inflammatory response and allowing the body to focus on repairing the gut.H

Finally, Yagmurca et al's work shows quercetin in the role of protecting rat kidneys, which may translate into similar protection for human kidneys.I

Slippery Elm Bark

Slippery elm bark--from trees native to the eastern and central US--is a demulcent that forms a thick, soothing gel-like paste over mucus membranes to reduce irritation and temporarily relieve pain and inflammation. It's long been used to treat stomach ulcers--as one study on horses demonstratesJ--and may also be effective in humans.

Several studies suggest the potential for slippery elm bark as a treatment to help with both constipation and diarrhea associated with inflammatory bowel syndrome (IBS):

  • A pilot study tested two natural formulas, and the one with slippery elm was shown to improve both bowel habit and IBS symptoms in patients suffering predominately with constipation.K
  • Several herbal remedies, including slippery elm, were tested and demonstrated to have antioxidative effects that helped in the relief of IBS.L

Organic Marshmallow Root

Marshmallow root--native to parts of Africa, Asia, the Caucasus, China and Europe--is now naturalized in marshy areas of the US and Australia. It is an ancient medicinal remedy, dating back at least to the Greeks and used on a wide range of ailments--from bronchitis to diarrhea.

One study on NSAID-induced peptic ulcers in rats showed marshmallow's effectiveness.M

Of particular interest to our analysis of GutConnect 365 is a 2009 study by Deters et al showing how marshmallow (Althea officinalis) repairs leaky gut by stimulating epithelial cell growth in vitro, which may help prevent gut damage.N As an added benefit, A. officinalis may provide immunomodulating effects beneficial in combating autoimmune disorders.O

Marshmallow is considered safe when taken properly. However, because it has bioadhesive properties and can coat the stomach lining and possibly interfere with the absorption of other medications and treatments, it's best to take any medication and any supplement containing marshmallow several hours apart.

N-Acetyl Glucosamine

Found in the outer shells of shellfish, N-Acetyl Glucosamine (GlcNAc) is an amide (an organic compound related to ammonia) derived from monosaccharide glucose and provides structure and elasticity to joints, nerves, skin and gut. In addressing leaky gut, GlcNAc helps build bacterial cell walls when crosslinked with other polymers and peptides.

When combined with glucuronic acid, GlcNAc forms hyaluronic acid and is widely distributed throughout collagen, cartilage, and neural and epithelial tissues. Not to be confused with other glucosamine (e.g., glucosamine hydrochloride or glucosamine sulfate) GlcNAc has been studied widely:

  • A pilot study on a small pediatric group with IBS showed potential for using GlcNAc as a cost-effective and safe means for treating IBS.P
  • Zhu and team's 2015 study conducted a clinical trial suggesting GlcNAc can help relieve inflammation associated with inflammatory bowel disease by increasing glycosaminoglycan to protect the gut's mucosal layer.Q
  • Kubomura et al studied GlcNAc's role in improving cartilage metabolism in healthy (non-arthritic) subjects.R
  • Further, Kubomura and team evaluated GlcNAc as chondroprotective in osteoarthritis rat models by reducing inflammation and joint destruction.S
  • In 2019, Lee et al documented the role of a superior form of GlcNAc in helping to suppress T-helper cells and autoimmunity in MS in mouse models.T

Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice Root Extract

Licorice Root has been recognized for its medicinal properties for centuries. At least since the Egyptians, it's been used to heal and energize. Applications range from using licorice to soothe a sore throat and loosen congestion to reducing inflammation and fatigue.U

Deglycyrrhizinated licorice root (DGL) extract is a derivative of whole licorice root with most of the glycyrrhetic acid removed. DGL is considered a much safer form of true licorice while retaining the healing benefits. For example, DGL should not raise blood pressure.V Although the percentage of DGL in GutConnect 365 is considered safe, you should talk with your healthcare provider before use, especially if you are taking pharmaceuticals for any medical conditions, are pregnant, planning to get pregnant or are breastfeeding.

Concerning leaky gut, DGL may provide relief in three ways:W

  • Antioxidant: The many antioxidant compounds in DGL are seen as able to help protect epithelial cells from oxidative stress.X
  • Antimicrobial: DGL may help limit the pathogens in the GI tract and enable beneficial probiotic bacteria expand and help relieve leaky gut.Y,Z
  • Immunoregulatory: As an added benefit of helping to protect the gastric mucosa, the anti-inflammatory properties of DGL may be to help relieve symptoms of arthritis and autoimmune issues.AA

Aloe Vera Extract

Aloe vera is a succulent plant found in tropical, semi-tropical and arid zones worldwide. As an extract, it is available as both a topical and oral supplement. Historically, it has also been used as a mild laxative.AB Similarly, the 50mg included in GutConnect 365 should act as a mild laxative.

A 2013 study suggests that aloe vera may reduce the stomach pain and discomfort associated with constipation in IBS patients.AC However, the study I find both encouraging and supportive of GutConnect 365 and Synbiotic 365 playing dual roles in your digestive health is the 2012 study suggesting aloe vera extract may encourage natural probiotic bacteria to thrive in vitro.AD

Maitake Mushroom Extract

The maitake mushroom (Grifola frondosa) is a polypore mushroom (fungi that produce large, fruiting bodies with pores on the underside) typically found grouped at the base of oak trees. In Japanese, Maitake means dancing mushroom. Given the mushroom's healing benefits, were people so happy that they danced when they found maitake?

Studies suggest maitake extract may play a role in the apoptosis of cancer cells.AE It may also stimulate the immune system,AF lower blood sugarAG and act as an antiviral.AH While on the surface these benefits may not appear to aid in the relief of leaky gut, consider that a generally healthy body is able to focus more healing on other issues--such as leaky gut.

Zinc Orotate

Zinc is an essential trace mineral found throughout the body. Its role in cell division and growth may help explain the many benefits of zinc for boosting the immune systemAI, speeding wound healingAJ and aiding muscle repair.AK

Zinc in conjunction with orotic acid becomes zinc orotate--a more easily absorbed supplement. According to studies, zinc is shown to play a role in helping to improve leaky gut:

  • Scott and Koski suggested that supplementation with zinc may reduce conditions of leaky gut in children with acute diarrhea.AL
  • Wang et al demonstrated that zinc supplementation may help modify epithelial tight junctions and, thus, reduce the problem of leaky gut.AM

Other Ingredients

  • Natural Flavors: Natural flavoring makes the vanilla-cinnamon combination taste so good.
  • MCT Oil Powder: MCT is a medium-chain triglyceride fat made from coconut. Not only is MCT oil more digestible, but it may help lower cholesterol, boost energy and improve weight management.AN,AO
  • Rebaudioside A (Stevia Leaf Extract): Stevia makes GutConnect 365 sweet without the added calories associated with sugar or the chemicals used in artificial sweeteners. You can enjoy GutConnect 365 without concern of raising your blood sugar.AP
  • How Does GutConnect 365 Taste?

    If you like vanilla and cinnamon, then like me you'll love taking your GutConnect 365 supplement. This taste is definitely a cut above the typical chalky chocolate or bland vanilla of many other products.

    GutConnect 365 is sweet but not overpowering or cloyingly sweet. Plus, United Naturals uses natural stevia--no sugar, artificial sweeteners or HFCS. I suspect that the inclusion of licorice root extract enhances the flavor and sweetness.

    Finally, I think that texture of a supplement powder is important. I find it hard to choke down a thick, gritty, pastey supplement drink. GutConnect 365 blends nicely for a smooth beverage with good mouth feel.

    Allergen Information Regarding GutConnect 365

    Leaky gut is often associated with allergies. So it's good to know that GutConnect365 is free from most common allergens and therefore considered safe for most anyone with food sensitivies or allergic responses. Tree Nut Warning: GutConnect 365 contains MCT oil, which is made from coconut. You should avoid use if you have a reaction to coconut or tree nuts.

    GutConnect 365 is:

    • GMO Free: While GMOs do not cause allergies, GMO foods are genetically modified and may be associated with several health problems. Increasingly people want to avoid them, and it's nice to know that GutConnect 365 is GMO-free.
    • Soy Free: Soy protein is a common allergen that typically causes hives and itching.
    • Egg Free: Egg intolerance can cause rashes, itching, hives, congestion and even vomiting. In rare cases, egg allergies can lead to anaphylaxic shock.
    • Dairy Free: If you need to avoid milk and milk products, then GutConnect 365 is safe for you.
    • Shellfish Free: Allergic reactions to shellfish are common and potentially severe--itching, facial swelling, breathing problems and anaphylaxis.
    • Gluten Free: Gluten intolerance often manifests as Celiac disease. If you suffer from Celiac, you will have no problems taking GutConnect 365.

    While GutConnect 365 is generally safe for people, you should always check with your healthcare provider before starting to take this (and any) supplement. One consideration could be L-glutamine: If you suffer from epilepsy, seizures, liver disease...or if you are pregnant, planning to get pregnant or breastfeeding, talk with your doctor.

    How to Start Taking GutConnect 365

    United Naturals' GutConnect 365 is easy to prepare and easy to take--you may even look forward to taking it. I mix 1 scoop of the supplement powder into an 12-oz. glass of water (although United Naturals suggests 8 ounces of water). While you can take this supplement at the time of day you prefer, I personally enjoy taking Gut Connect 365 in the late morning, shortly before my lunch.

    Are There Scams Associated with GutConnect 365 or Product Complaints?

    The Internet is always quick to report on product scams and problems, but when it comes to GutConnect 365 I have been unable to find any negative issues. In terms of scams, you're always advised to buy with care. It's one of the reasons we provide you with links taking you directly to the United Naturals website and buy page.

    As for product complaints, not all people enjoy the same results. While most people report beneficial results, you'll need to determine for yourself. Again, discuss with your healthcare provider first, and know that United Naturals offers a money-back guarantee...so you're covered.

    Does United Naturals Have Good Customer Support and a Money-Back Guarantee on GutConnect 365?

    Absolutely. United Naturals offers a 60-day, money-back guarantee...no questions asked. That's good, but I'm particularly impressed with their responsive customer service. Live support is available daily; call 844-794-7728 between 9 AM and 5 PM (weekday). When I left an after-hours message, I received a callback the next morning.

    Where to Buy GutConnect 365

    For your protection and confidence that you're getting fresh, untampered product, I suggest that you buy directly from United Naturals. As an added benefit, when you buy direct from the manufacturer, you have access to special offers and volume discounts on multiple bottles.

    GutConnect 365 bottle

    Review Rating:

    Best for: Leaky Gut and Digestive Health

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