What Is Unique About ReviewedByScience.com?

ReviewedByScience.com is based on a simple idea - we let science review the supplement ingredients.

Our process is as follows:

  1. Find products that we think that might be decent.
  2. Dr. Edward Rose, M.D., finds all the relevant research he can on the listed ingredients.
  3. If the ingredients look well researched, Evan Jerkunica, B.S. Physics, writes up the research, and makes it as digestible as possible to non-scientists.

But, sometimes there are limited resarch articles, or the research studies are poorly designed.

To compensate for limited or low quality research, we have a network of health practicioners that we check with to see if these types of ingredients or products have any efficacy in clinical settings.

Or, if our clinicians haven't seen any results from this ingredient, then we'll conclude that it's a low to no efficacy ingredient.

Last, and probably least, we also...in a somewhat unscientific manner (sample size of 3-6), like to share products that have helped our health.

Now obviously, a small sample size invalidates most conculusions. But sometimes, you don't have the budget to prove that marshmallow root + licorice + l glutamine will decrease bloating in an N = 10,000 double blind, placebo controlle trial.

But if it works for 1/3 in an N=3 casual trial AND there is some limited rsearch supporting it AND some praticioners use it with their patients and report good results...then that provides the best proof available, in this imperfect, irrational, and budget limited unscientific world.

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How Does ReviewedByScience.com Earn Money?

We earn money by selling some of the best items that we review.

For some products, we review them just because we like them, and we don't make any money from them.

But most of the products we review, we try to make some money with them. Even though Dr. Rose really enjoys scouring the latest research on supplement ingredients, he still needs to support himself, and his family. And ditto for Evan.

We make money when you buy a product through one of our links. It's called "affiliate marketing". ReviewedByScience.com will get a small precentage of the sale price of a product, when you click and link, and then buy it.

This doesn't increase the price for you, and we can sometimes even work out exclusive discounts when people buy through our affiliate links.

Now obviously the pursuit of a paycheck can bias us, so we let the science (or absence of it) help us to recommend only scientifically sound products.

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